Friday, March 26, 2010

minor injuries

Poor Emma fell down and scraped her arm today...doesn't she look pitiful? Obviously she is fine, but sometimes scrapes hurt worse than deep cuts, so I knew it hurt pretty badly. I ushered her straight to the bath tub and bathed her because it looked like she'd tried to slide into home base. Turns out she was just playing chronicles of narnia and fell.

Ben had a very interesting experience on his way home. Since we didn't have a date night this week, we decided we'd do it tonight. I asked him to get a coke on the way out of town. Well, he'd already left town and ended up picking it up at 4 corners Bambui. It was just sitting on the shelf there and happened to be the last one. He set it in the passenger seat beside him and it was inside a plastic sack. Suddenly he heard a BOOM and was covered in a spray of Coca Cola! That thing blew up...literally blew a hole out the bottom of the bottle and the plastic bag it was in. Unreal!! Has anyone ever heard of that happening before? Other odd things have happened before with coke here. A few times I've opened a bottle and the cap has shot out of my hand to the ceiling. Like somehow it is under too much pressure or something. Weird! I'm always thankful that my face wasn't over the bottle. I could have easily lost an eye! Here is a picture of the after affects.
Really really odd...
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  1. Ouch!!! That arm looks like it needs a kiss from Mimi. I have never seen a coke bottle explode like that. So wierd.

  2. Poor thing, road rash really does hurt! That's scary about the bottle.