Monday, March 22, 2010


Would you believe we caught another mouse tonight!? This one wasn't quite as spiritual as the others because he waited until long after family devotions was over to make his prescence known. Unreal...we obviously have a serious problem here. Thankfully these little guys are young and dumb and fairly easy to catch. I just hope they stay young and bold before they get too big to get sneaky! What I really hope is that we caught the last one. We have one sticky pad left. We have used it twice now and keep recycling it! Ben just scrapes the mouse into a bucket of can figure the rest out. We put the paper cover back on the sticky pad in case we need it again.
Today was pretty busy for Ben and our guest Pastor Lee Atkinson. Ben and Lee have been friends since about their freshman year in High School. So, this is a neat experience for him to come over here and see our ministry. Lee taught a Biblical Counseling course from 8 a.m. til noon. Then he went back at 3 and taught til 5. I bet he is beat! He is doing this through Thursday. Here is a shot of him teaching. Notice how they decorated for him? :)I was busy in the house washing a ton of dishes. I try to do dishes once a day b/c of our water situation. We got water two nights in a row but didn't get any last night. Since I never really know when we will get water and when we won't, I am just really careful to conserve in whatever way possible. Plus, I hate doing dishes, so once is enough for me! haha! I was also busy supervising the kids in school. Ben and Lee came home around 1. I made Lee something for lunch and our family went to our restaurant. Lee really wanted to stay home while it was quiet and do some studying, so it worked out well.
We brought along our new pet, Rex. Last week there were SO many flies while we ate lunch, that I figured it would be a great way for the chameleon to get a decent meal. We sit down to eat and there are NO flies! Unbelievable! When you don't want them, they are there, and when you do want them, they aren't! We did manage to find a few and the kids enjoyed taking him on our little family date!
We got back home and the men hopped back in the car and went up to Sabga for more classes. I laid down and rested. I can tell I'm overtired when everything starts to wear on me emotionally...the water, the dust, the lack of rain... In fact I need to head to bed right now b/c I really need a good night sleep. Tomorrow will be more of the same (hopefully no more mice!) but the men won't come home for lunch, so it will be me and the kiddos till dinner! Have a great night!
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  1. I can't believe you keep finding these mice - seriously must be a "litter" of them somewhere (don't know what ya call a family of mice)! Hopefully you have found the last of them though!

  2. We just started having mice in our garage, Becca. My hubby saw one...put out traps. Then there was one in a trap, but it was a different one than Chris saw! YIKES!

  3. This is so exciting. I guess I didn't know how long Ben had known Pastor Lee. That is so neat. Praying for your water, and mice situation.

  4. While drowning mice might be effective, I prefer hitting them in the head with a hammer a few times.