Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Picture

Sad, I know, but I don't have a picture to post for today. I was at Matt and Susan's all day and didn't have my camera. Susan got a cute one of Trinity, so I'll post it at another time. I do still want to tell you about our day though! :)

I got a decent nights sleep, although I was woken up before 7. Not exactly my cup of tea for those that know me...especially on a Saturday. However, I was soon to learn that I fared better than Matt and Susan on the other end of the house. Oh boy! Those kids were up ALL night. I think one or the other ended getting up nearly every hour to yell at those kids to go to sleep. Faith Ann woke up when the power went out at 2 (she's afraid of the dark) and it set the ball rolling downhill from there. Someone announced at 5 something that it was time to get up...NOPE. And then there is me...blissfully unaware of all that was transpiring just a few yards down the hallway from me! :) We were invited to stay another night, but I thought it was in the best interest of the kids (and the parents...particularly Yeiters) to come home and sleep in our own beds. The kids were in bed at 8...and asleep shortly after. I know Yeiters are heading to bed early too. Next time we will separate Faith and Trinity. That was partly the problem. They obviously can't handle slumber parties too well!

Besides the fiasco through the night, the kids had a fun day. They spent all morning playing outside. They came in and bathed (ahhhh...running water *sigh*), and ate lunch. The little ones went down for a nap and the big kids were told to quietly watch a movie. You could tell ALL the kids were tired though. Lots of whining and crying going on tonight. Hopefully they will be caught up by morning as Sundays are long, hot and tiring.

So, I'm home. Have a TON of clean laundry (Thank you Susan!!!) and am ready to turn a fan on me (man it is crazy hot for the NW province) and crawl in bed and read til my eyes won't stay open anymore. It is only 9:30, so I should get a decent nights sleep! Tomorrow we go to church. I'll leave our car in town, parked at a store on commercial avenue, and when Ben comes in, he will get the car and come home! Pray for Ben's safety on his journey tomorrow! The kids miss him so badly! Emma was crying in bed last night b/c she missed her daddy! He will be glad to know that he is loved and missed!

If you haven't checked out my new scrap sure to head over there when you get a chance. I have a link on the side of the blog. Have a great Sunday tomorrow!
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  1. Glad you got a good nights sleep. You owe Susan one now. Maybe you can return the favor one of these days. I know the kids had a ball.