Saturday, March 13, 2010

Game Time

Ben is so good about playing games with the kids. Tonight Emma came up and asked him if he'd be willing to play a game of dominoes. So, he gathered all the kids and they played several rounds. I'm not sure if Faith actually played...but she sure enjoyed sitting in Daddy's lap. They do love their Daddy, but I think they love their Mommy more (haha!) Faith made us laugh tonight. We have a system...there is an order of what kid sits where during our family devotions every night. They each take turns sitting with their Daddy in this order: Faith, Emma, Kate and Drew. Well, whoever sat with Daddy the night before gets to sit with Mommy next. So, tonight Faith came up to Ben and said, "Daddy, do I get to sit with you tonight?" Ben told her yes. She said, "Good! That means I sit with Mommy tomorrow night!!!" Clearly she is counting down the time until she sits with me. Drew sat with me tonight and actually he is my favorite because he plays with my hair and it puts me to sleep! The girls don't have the patience for that. They want to actually try and fix it and end up getting my hair in a zillion knots, so I usually just tell them not to touch.

Today was rainy, breezy, and quite cool. Glorious in fact. Everyone is planting which means the rainy season has arrived.
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  1. One thing I really enjoy when we come is playing games. The kids have definetely gotten that from you and Ben. Cute picture.