Monday, March 8, 2010

Stay-at-home Day

Usually we go to town, but with Ben just having traveled all weekend, I suggested we stay home today. I figured he might want to relax. He spent most of the day writing a lengthy journal of his trip. He posted it on his facebook account here. He tried to set it up so anyone could view it. I hope it works. Maybe you can let us know in your comments to this post whether it was viewable by those that aren't his "friends" on facebook. I still want to go back and do a post for yesterday as I missed it and share some pictures and write some more about Sunday. When Ben got back into town last night, I just wanted to spend time with him, and sitting down to write on my blog was the last thing on my list. My mom got on to me today about it...saying how she was so disappointed when she got home from church. I was like, "good grief Mom...this was the first time I missed a post! Cut me some slack!" haha! Actually, I have missed before, but that was because of internet problems. Life happens!

I got a lot accomplished today. I scoured my bathroom which was SO in need of a good cleaning. I did a lot of dishes. Made hamburgers with homemade buns for lunch. Swept and mopped my bathroom and bedroom. Put away a bunch of laundry. It was a profitable day. I will be very transparent and tell you about my down side of today. We called our plumber about our water situation, and he informed us that the spring that feeds our pipes is dry. He said they were trying to figure out a way to hook up a temporary pipe from another spring into our catchment so that we could get some water. Well, later tonight while I was doing dishes, or big reserve tank finally emptied too, so we have no more water. I will admit that water shortage is my biggest struggle here in Africa...and I haven't had to deal with it as much as some missionaries. I was reminded tonight, though, in our family memory verse that "My grace is sufficient for thee...for my strength is made perfect in weakness." It sounds so silly to be frustrated about water. Goodness! I have friends right now fighting for their life as they battle cancer! And here I am shedding a tear about water! There are people dying and going to hell and I'm complaining because I have to haul water from a bucket?? Sometimes I just need to sit and put things into perspective. Is it more of a burden and hassle? Yes. Definitely. But with an eternal perspective, my temporary water shortage is so trivial.

Ok, enough sermon. Here is a cute picture of Faith Ann. When she got up from her nap, she wanted to sit with Ben and I in the office. I gave her a piece of paper and a pen and she was trying to write letters and also drawing pictures. I am really impressed with her drawing skills. She does a pretty good job for a three year old!Before I close I want to say "Hi" to Emma in Lake Orion, MI. She wanted to know what time it is here in Africa. As I write this, Emma, it is 10:25 p.m. here and it is 3:25 p.m. where you live! Glad you read our blog and we have an Emma too!!
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  1. Homemade hamburger buns sound so good! :) I'm glad Ben had a safe and fruitful trip! Faith is adorable!

  2. What a cutie pie. She is getting so big. Good little artist too.

  3. you really have the most gorgeous kids!! i love Faith Ann's eyes, they are fabulous. Is it weird that i just want to squeeze her? lol