Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

What a busy day! It started pretty early. I got up at 6:30 and went straight to the kitchen and started peeling potatoes for our food and fellowship in Bamenda today. I had planned to just keep them in chunks and stir some kind of seasoning into them, but ended up cooking them too long and so I mashed them and stirred in lots of butter and salt. People kind of looked at it funny, but my flask got cleaned out, so I guess they liked it ok.

Lee Atkinson (our guest) preached a missions message from the book of II Kings in the Old Testament. It was such a great message. I think the only missions message I've ever heard from the Old Testament is the classic from Isaiah. It was so great and full of wonderful application. I know the people enjoyed it too. After the preaching we ate our meal. We ended up leaving the church at around 3, and headed straight to the Bamenda General hospital. A couple in our church had a baby on Saturday, so we wanted to go and congratulate them. We were there quite a while...the kids had fun oohing and ahhing over the baby, who was so cute and so alert! I wouldn't allow them to touch him b/c they were filthy! By the time we got home, it was 5 o'clock! We had some trouble makers at our house while we were gone. Someone stole the padlock from our gate. The Pa who watches our house couldn't explain really well what happened. Thankfully nothing else was taken.

We enjoyed an evening of fellowhip with Lee and then gathered the kids for devos. While sitting down and reading...Ben gasped. He spied another mouse...a tiny one. Oh no! I run for the cat while Ben still has his eyes on the mouse. Patches comes in...we scare the mouse out into the open and...what does she do?? She grabs it and bats at it...and then lets it go!!! What?!? Then she runs for our door. She wanted out of the house. I'm thinking we need a new cat!! So I run and get another one of those sticky pads. We chase the thing around for another few minutes and finally got it onto that sticky pad. Whew! Thankfully that was a rather short ordeal. We settle back down and get the kids back in their chairs to finish devos and before I could even sit in my chair Kate squeals and starts crying (literally), "Another mouse! I saw another mouse!" I'm thinking...there is no way. Kate is my dramatist after all. Then I get a glimpse of movement. Sure enough...ANOTHER mouse is running along the wall. I totally gave up on Patches, so this time I get another sticky pad and with broom in hand we scare it onto the pad...we caught this one in about 5 minutes. I think we need to start a rodent extermination business! Just kidding. So, obviously there is a nest of babies SOMEwhere...hopefully the litter was a small one (of say....three). And I hope Mama isn't here somewhere too. I haven't seen one bit of mouse activity. Usually they tear my kitchen apart. I have learned and store more and more of my stuff in big tupperware containers, but there is still food for them to get into. But, thankfully they haven't discovered the kitchen. And I also think it is so odd that they come out for devotions each night. These are some really spiritual mice! :)

Oh, and one more exciting moment in our day. How could I forget? Drew has been wanting a chameleon so badly. He talks about it nonstop, and the kids go on chameleon hunts all the time. Well, the Yeiters stopped by just before church this morning with a big bucket and inside was the smallest chameleon I've ever seen. He's SO cute. Drew is beyond excited. We had the longest day of church ever and I know he was itching to get home to his new pet! We had fun chasing down flies tonight to feed him. He has really beautiful coloring too. Our neighbor, Jude, was the one who actually found it. He brought it to the Yeiters, but since Yeiters just found one a couple weeks ago, they were generous enough to give it to Drew. Thank you Yeiters! You made Drew's year!Our dust is still ever present and a mystery to everyone. It is the talk of the town and everyone is afraid of losing their crops. It is like dry season has rushed back in and if rain doesn't fall again soon, everything that was planted will whither and die. Pray for rain! :)

I hope your Sunday was as wonderful as ours! Of course I don't hope you have mice in your house, but all mice aside, we are truly priviledged to live here in Cameroon. We rarely have a dull moment. Our lives are full of excitement and full of blessings from the Lord!
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  1. Oh I know Drew is thrilled. It is kind of cute, I must say. But I don't want that thing crawling on me when I visit. I'll pass on that. Glad you had a good day in God's house. We did too.

  2. That is a fun picture! Cute little guy!