Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Roof Work

Another noisy, hot day at the Sinclair house and another 1/3rd of the roof done. This section was over our bedrooms, so I'm glad they got finished today. And I also want to mention that my new fan is......Ahhhh, bliss. I actually slept like a baby in my own bed on a Wednesday night! The Bambui preacher was louder than ever last night...but thanks to that fan, I didn't even notice.

Other than all the roof work, nothing eventful took place today. The kids did their school. I laid the smaller girls down for a nap, and amazingly enough, Faith Ann actually fell asleep! You should have heard the racket. I was suprised! Ben said he had a hard time waking her up! We went to church and had a good crowd there. Matt has been teaching how to study your Bible. It has been very practical and I know the church members have been enjoying it. We came home and I made some tortillas and threw together some quesadillas. With my tortilla press, it goes so much quicker than rolling by hand. I had some homemade salsa and also whipped up some sour cream. It ended up being a decent dinner for a Thursday night even though we ate pretty late. We usually eat late on Thurs. because we don't get home until about 6:30.

Ben leaves tomorrow to spend three days in the village of Benakuma. I will hate to be without him for that long, but he has been looking forward to this trip. He told me that he will end up traveling a chunk of the way in a Land Cruiser taxi. TomMike told him that they usually carry about 35 people! 35 people in a Land Cruiser!! Well, not just "IN" a Land Cruiser. From what Ben was told, you want to be the one traveling Outside the Land Cruiser on the bumper, or side runners, or even the roof, b/c the inside is too hot and stuffy. I can't wait to see the pictures he gets from this trip. Please pray for his safety!

Well, I have a pile of dishes awaiting me. I will turn on some music and enjoy the smell of my queen of the night bush, which is blooming again. G'night!!
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  1. I would love to see a picture of the packed Land Cruiser, too, Becca!

  2. I can't wait to see Ben's photos! Praying for a safe trip for him and an uneventful time for you while he's gone :)

  3. We will be praing for you - it is so hard when husband/daddy is gone - seems like satan makes a lot go wrong to try to discourage - will be in special prayer for you and the kids!! By the way I find myself wishing you were not 8 hours ahead! I read your post at night and then am bummed I don't have a post to read in the morning :)