Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crazy Days!

Sorry for not posting yesterday...No excuses really, just was too busy to be on the computer much.

Yesterday was an odd day. It was busy with people. Our landlady was here doing work, and the men were here putting finishing touches on the roof project. People were coming to buy all the old zinc from our roof top. I was just in and out all day. Ben was gone, so I was by myself. He was on his way to Douala to pick up Pastor Lee Atkinson who is visiting us for a week. One odd part of the day was the cloud that seemed to envelop our house. I didn't think too much of it, until I woke up this morning and my house was COVERED in dust. It was in the air! I could taste it! We could see our footprints as we walked across our tiled floors. I was baffled all morning...rainy season is here and this dust (also called Harmatan...dust from the Sahara desert) is only supposed to come in the dry season. This picture is taken in the exact same spot that Emma stood with wind blown hair only 3 days before. Unbelievable! We can barely see past our yard...where days before we could see all the way to Bamenda! So odd...and a little depressing! I'm so ready for rainy season...this Harmatan is a real setback!
Of course in spite of my dry season fear, God sent a special little blessing to me Friday night. Around 10 o'clock I heard bubbling in the water heaters and toilets. Water was coming into our reserve tank and b/c we've been without water so long there is a lot of air in the line. I figured after about 10-20 minutes it would stop...but it kept coming. I waited...finally after midnight our tank began to overflow! I was so excited. I went outside with flashlight in hand and closed off the tank, so the real spring water would flow directly into my pipes. Regardless of the time, I grabbed a huge load of laundry and stuffed it into my washer and pressed start. I scrapped while I waited (still to lazy to do a blog post! haha) and when that wash finished I ... TOOK ... A ... SHOWER! GLORY!!! It was wonderful too!! I haven't taken a shower in my own bathroom in a long time! I do bathe by the way...just don't shower! :)
So (Sat.) was busy again cleaning. I kept wiping the table. I'd come back an hour later and run my finger across it and I'd see this: I finally gave up on the dust. It was a battle I wasn't going to win. I am praying rain will come again SOON and knock all this crazy dust out of the air.
Ben came home to a clean, albeit dusty, house and hauled in FOUR packed suitcases just for us, stuffed full of goodies. Lee's church had fun, and my Mom and Ben's Mom had fun, buying tons of goodies for us and the kids. What fun it was going through it all! There were bags upon bags of pepperoni, cute pencils for the kids, cake mixes, TONS of candy, medicine, marshmallows, church materials, books and special treats. It would take me too long to list it all. Thanks SO much to everyone who participated in these gifts! What a blessing you were to us tonight! And one more blessing...we have water again!! I'm off to take another shower!! Goodnight!
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  1. This definitly makes me glad that we come in the rainy season. Wow!!! I am so glad that you got to take a shower. What a blessing that was. We certainly take a lot for granted here. Enjoy your company and your stuff.

  2. Such great news about the water!!!

  3. wow, that is so much dust! i cant believe that is the same view from your picture a couple days ago, what a difference! yay for the water though =)