Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Faith Ann Special

Our normal breakfast routine is cereal. Occasionally I'll make pancakes or oatmeal or muffins, but cereal is the ordinary. We have these chocolate rice krispies and choco goal cereals made by the same company. I think they are gross. I guess I'm used to the sugary coated American cereals. These aren't sweet enough for me. But, the kids don't mind them. And then we always have cornflakes. Well, Faith Ann always likes to mix her chocolate rice and chocolate goals, so that combo is now known as the "Faith Ann Special." If anyone wants their cereal mixed they just ask for the Faith Ann Special! :)
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  1. Um, no thank you! But she does look adorably sweet and I love the light through the window making her hair shine!

  2. I think I will have cornflakes. Ha Ha. What a cute little thing she is. I sure do miss spending time with them. Can't wait until October.