Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rules of Etiquette

This will be short and sweet as it is late. Today the kids sang a special children's choir number in Bamenda. I just love this picture. I love the white missionary kids singing with the African kids. I love little Hulda on the front row picking her nose (haha!!) That is so typical! It is socially acceptable to pick your nose here in Cameroon. I cringe everytime I see it and still get on to my kids when they do it, but let's face it....They don't stand a chance!! When my friend Susan had her baby here, I went with her and Matt to the hospital. She introduced me to her mid-wife. He was picking his nose (more like digging) with his left hand, and extending his right hand to greet me. Wow...of course I was thinking "Susan, this guy is gonna deliver your baby?!?" Anyway, we continue to teach our kids that even though they see it, it is NOT acceptable to pick their noses. :)

Services went well. Today was the last Sunday that our men preached the Sunday service. From here on out they will do a monthly rotation. There will be one national preacher to preach the service each month, and Ben will do the other three. That will give these men some opportunities to get behind the pulpit and get some practice!

I'll close as it is late.I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!!
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