Sunday, February 7, 2010

We interrupt this broadcast.....

Today was our normal church routine. Get up, get ready, head to Bambili by 9 a.m. There were actually some people there before us which is so unusual!! But yay...we were happy. Sometimes we start church with just a bunch of white folk! lol It definitely is a part of the culture to be late. My Sunday School room had been cleaned out by Hillary on Saturday and that was SUCH a blessing. We were having sunday school in a work zone for weeks. The floor was covered with dirt, .... and OH MY is raining outside!!! We interrupt this broadcast to bring a very important announcement - as I sit here typing on my computer, I hear rain!!! YAY!! I shouldn't get too excited b/c I can barely hear it and having a metal roof, that means it is basically only misting....but at least it is something. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Oh blessed rain!!! Can you tell I'm ready for dry season to be over.

Speaking of dry season, Ben snapped a shot of Kate's feet during church this morning and he thought, and I agreed, that it would be the perfect picture to post.I just can't describe how dirty my kids get here (this picture is even pretty mild). Particularly in the dry season. He thought of a funny joke too..."You might be a missionary kid get to church and realize you forgot your shoes" LOL! Emma actually did walk out of the house barefoot this morning and it dawned on her that she forgot her shoes! My kids do wear shoes, though sometimes their feet are so dirty it looks like they walk around barefoot. Even this small, light rain will help a bit...I hope! I'm not complaining, it just makes things like rain seem that much sweeter when you are without it for 5 months! Oh is still falling and even SMELLS like rain! I love it!! Oh, oh, is picking up now! The smallest things make me a happy person. Rain, water for a shower, chocolate, water for a shower, coke, water for a shower, rain. Oh, and did I mention rain and water for a shower?! Haha! even my kids are cheering in their beds right now! They are excited too...except for Faith. Rain can be kind of scary here for a little one. Our tin roof makes it extremely loud in a heavy rain. She will have to be re-accustomed to the noise it makes.

Well, I'm off to relax with my hubby and watch some tv and E.N.J.O.Y this rain. Oh...I'm so excited!!! 'Night!!
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  1. I am so glad that we visit in the rainy season. I am not sure I would be as easy going about not having water. I enjoy my showers way to much.

  2. I love the sound of rain on the roof! It must be 10x as nice for you!