Saturday, February 20, 2010

When it rains it pours

Some people will do crazy things for free stuff...and that includes me. I've been spending some time at this past week. It is a digital store of course and they are giving away a ton of free stuff. They have fun threads that if you keep posting, a designer will randomly drop in and if you happened to be the last to post, you will get some money to spend in their store. That is how I won the mariposa kit. Anyway, all this hoop-la is b/c they are celebrating their 4th birthday. So, one of the challenges is to make a birthday cupcake. 4 people will be chosen out of the entries for a $24 GC to the store! So, uh, yeah...I'm makin cupcakes. I just coincided it with dessert for the kids last night to make it happen. Susan and I actually did it together. She invited us over and I was SO glad b/c I just needed out of my house. Being without water has been stressing me out. I can't explain just wears me down. So, I accepted her offer to spend the afternoon and took about 3 huge loads of dirty laundry with me (would you believe the power was out most of the day! I did manage to get 2 loads done thank God.) We started browsing the web and were going to host another speed scrap for ourselves but the power went out, and we both have the same junky model of computer so both of our batteries last about 10 minutes (max!) without power. We had no other choice but to head to the kitchen and bake. It was fun and her cupcake turned out SO cute! Mine...hmmm....not so much, but I was lacking some materials. I'm hoping the contest is just a random drawing! I don't think mine will win for aesthetics! My uncle Marshall gave me this awesome cupcake cookbook and we copied some of the ideas from there. The guys went shopping and visiting in Bamenda. Ben was able to lead a man to Christ...he loves outreach. They are the highlight of his week. Oh, and another highlight was that it rained! Not that light sprinkle that we've had a couple times...I mean a genuine thunder/lightening downpour! Oh wow...that was so nice. I'm so ready for the rain. Of course we are about to have our roof ripped off and repaired so I hope it holds off this week...but then...let 'er rip! We came home at about 10 pm. I threw my wet clothes in the dryer here and we stayed up so that I could get one load dried and then switch it over. We did hear our tank slowly filling with water. I'm not sure if it completely filled, but it is more than we had yesterday. We are just going to have to be very conservative for the next month. It is really I'm not going to talk about it anymore.
I didn't post my blog entry last night because our internet was down. (In my Mom's words, "when it rains it pours.")It has been struggling the last couple of days, but started working some this morning so I wanted to get my post up for yesterday. I can't guarantee that it will work will know if there is no entry :) They usually fix the internet pretty quickly because they have so many customers, but this is Africa after one never knows exactly what will happen! Have a great Saturday and hopefully I will see you tonight!
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  1. Very cute cupcakes!! I am glad you got a day away!