Thursday, February 18, 2010


Our water came in today...don't get too excited. It was only for 25 minutes (yes...I timed it!) Not sure what is wrong, but I must say that it is getting me down. I've got laundry piled out the whazoo...and the plumber for our water system is at a loss. We might not see water until the rainy season. I want to cry just thinking about it. We've never had to haul water before, but we might have to figure out how.

Well, I went outside to check on our water situation, and there were a ton of these gorgeous butterflies fluttering about. I see these things from time to time, but they are so fast, I never even consider getting a picture. If I hadn't had my camera with me, I wouldn't have gotten one today, but I grabbed it before walking outside. I wish it were clearer, but I have tons of shots of just the bushes or of 1/4 of the butterfly as it is flying away. I was happy with this one shot I was able to get!

Aside from that, the Kids did school as usual and we had a normal routine. I did win a free digital kit today which was pretty fun. I like free stuff! And how ironic that the kit I got is entitled "Mariposa" which is spanish for butterfly. :)

Well, I'm hoping for an epic day tomorrow of fresh running water filling our pipes! Please pray that our water will come in!
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  1. What a pretty picture!! I'm so sorry about your water! I really admire you all for dealing with that! I'm not sure I would make it! I will be praying that your water comes in SOON!