Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rainy Sunday!

Unfortunately this picture doesn't give you the full effect of how dirty Faith Ann is. :) It is hard to capture on film. One of these days I just need to get a shot of the mud washing down the drain as I bathe them! :) Another great thing about this picture is that awesome rain in the background!! When I got up this morning it was so hot. I was dreading going to Bamenda, b/c Bamenda is about 20 degrees hotter than Bambili. But this great rainstorm rolled in and it downpoured. It felt SO good!

Services were great today. We enjoyed the rain shower as we headed home and had a relaxing evening as a family. I got a nap! Wow...I just crashed on the bed and an hour and 15 minutes later I woke up to the kids laughing. Ben was playing a game with them. I probably could have just stayed right there and slept for the night, but I didn't. I got up, made some pudding for the kids. It wasn't too much later that it was time for devos. I did enjoy that nap though! Haven't had one in a while...I can't even remember the last time!

Well, even though it will probably take me a while to get to sleep, I better head there and try. Tomorrow is school after all. Hope you all had a great Sunday as well!
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  1. What a cute little face! And beautiful eyes!! I bet it's baths for you all as soon as you get home from church! :) So glad you had a rain shower!

  2. Oh my goodness, that dirty little precious face!
    What a wonderful sound - rain! I'm sure it was such a blessing today! And a nap too, what more can you ask for?!? :)

  3. I know how much you were looking forward to rain :) What a cute picture too!