Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Enjoyable Day

We went to eat dinner with some friends tonight, the Needhams. Their house is like a regular zoo with all sorts of fun for the kids. The kids were SO excited to see their chameleon. Kathy found it on one of her treks in the bush, just walking across the road. She picked it up and put it in her camera bag. These things are the bomb to have in the house when you have a fly population. We don't have too many flies b/c we have screens on the windows, but the Needams don't have screens, so as soon as they brought this guy out, he had his full of them. He eventually just started ignoring them, so he was obviously full. He is the prettiest chameleon I have ever seen. So green...turquoise in some places. They told us that when they put him in front of a mirror he gets scared and turns black. He does the same thing when you put him in front of a cat...if I were him I'd be scared too. The kids also enjoyed playing on the swings. We had a great evening of fellowship. They are such good friends!

The rest of our day was filled with school, more rain (Yippee), and Bible study. It was a full, but very enjoyable day! I hope you enjoyed yours!!
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  1. woo hoo for more rain!!! Awesome pic too Becca!!!

  2. That's a neat picture! So glad the rain is falling!! :)

  3. Such a cool photo - even my husband pipped up on it's "coolness" lol Yay for rain!