Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When looking at the above picture...what do you see? A lot of dust, yes, that is true (it is dry season here and I have a nice coating of dust greeting me EVERY mornings...so pardon our dust! lol). Can you see that amazingly small praying mantis perched on that tiny little screw? Wow...one of the kids came in the office and noticed it. I think it was Emma...she has good eyes! It took me a minute to focus on what she was talking about! Here are a couple closer looks:
We see varieties of praying mantis' around a lot. I love the bright green ones. Not too long ago the kids found one at church. It was a big one too. They were having a blast with that thing, but too afraid to touch it. I was getting up the guts when Drew reached it's hand near the thing, and I'm telling you...It turned it's head and stared Drew down! It was the wierdest thing!! I changed my mind about trying to pick it up. I'm not sure if they bite out of defense or not...
I'm Off to google it!

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  1. Emma must have good eyes. I have never tried to touch one of those but that must have been a picture when it stared Drew down. I wish you could have captured the look on Drew's face. Priceless I am sure.

  2. I think they're so neat, but you're right they are a little intimidating.