Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little House on the Prarie

Yeah tonight was a little Little House on the prairieish...the power went out and I didn't feel like hookin' up the generator so I got the lanters out. We run a lantern every night in the hallway for the kids in case the power goes out, so they were full of kerosene. I put the kids in front of a dvd player while I took the lanterns into the kitchen to fix them some dinner. As you can see, I had french toast in the works! :)

Ben and I joke about the big 3...power, water, and internet. It is very rarely that they are all working at the same time. We haven't had water for 2 days now, and have been on our reserve tank during this time. It lasts for 3 days, so I'm praying that it comes in by tomorrow. I'm really behind on my laundry! I've completely given up on showers during this dry season. Did you know you can bathe with 1 1/2 gallons of water?

Tonight is date night, so after I made french toast for the kids, I put together a yummy stromboli for Ben and I. Now we are sitting together watching a movie and I'm blogging at the same time. I'll close out so I don't miss too many details. :) 'Nite!
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  1. I will pray that your water will come back soon! I guess I'm spoiled because I can't imagine a day or two without a shower! Hope the power comes back on soon too!

  2. Oh, I remember bathing the kids almost every night by latern light. But we did have water thank goodness. I am so glad that we come in the rainy season. You are such a patient person Becca. God has given you a real peace about the trials that you endure on an almost daily basis. Thank you for being so sensitive to the Lord's leading in your life. You are such a blessing and encouragement to me. It sure makes me think twice about complaining about the little difficulties here. Love you