Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Day!

We had a fun day today. Monday is family day and we always look forward to it. Ben left early this morning to teach moral instruction classes. He was able to give out 500 New Testaments to all the students that were there...a donation from the local chapter of the Gideons. What a blessing that was for him! He got home at about 10:30 and we headed into Bamenda to do some shopping. We went to a little store called Manasata. We dub it our American Garage Sale store. Someone has quite a business of packing containers full of what appears to be yard sale items. All of it comes from the states. Each time they get a container it is so fun to pick through that store. I have found attachments for my kitchenaid in there. Last term I got a brand new pampered chef stoneware pan for less than 5 dollars!! Then sometimes they have something you want and it will have a big orange $1 sale sticker on it and they will ask for the equivalent of $20! But it is a neat place to visit from time to time. The kids loved browsing through all the junky toys and we found this fun little thing that we had a great time with. The photo is a little dark but you get the point.
We went there to look at Microwaves. I have been wanting one, but the brand new 220 current ones are so expensive. Around $400! Well, they had one there that came from the states. It was a GE, looked barely used ... and was only $80. It did have some very minor dents and stuff, but the inside was mint and it just needed some tape residue and the thick layer of dust cleaned off and now it looks like new! We have a step up/ step down transformer, so we can run 110 appliances here. We tested it before we left the store and it worked like a charm. I am so excited!! It was my early valentines day gift! We also found a Disney VHS tape for the kids, The Mouse Detective (I think), and they have never seen it, so that was something they looked forward to watching all day! I told them they could watch it after Faith took her nap.

Anyway, after we shopped we headed to our favorite restaurant. We have forbidden Faith Ann to sit in the infamous chair that was the cause of her broken nose. I chuckled when we walked in because the owner had taken the chair outside ... apparently he didn't want the kids sitting in it anymore either! We didn't have to convince Faith...she is staying as far away from that chair as possible! Our hamburgers were great and he even made us some hashbrown patties or something to try out. I was impressed - they were very good and they were free! Like a free appetizer! Maybe he thinks we are his guinea pigs to try out his American cooking. I don't know...but bring it! :) Then tonight I spent most of the evening in the kitchen doing dishes and scrubbing the microwave and my extremely dirty stove. Ben changed out a bunch of light fixtures that have been out. It was a very productive day!
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  1. Kind of looks like Shrek to me. LOL Drew is growing up for sure. I know the microwave will make warming things up much easier. And definetely a time saver.

  2. That's great that you got a microwave!! I know that will make things a lot easier! Sounds like a fun day! :)