Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dragon's Egg

Every night at 8 p.m. sharp...well, ok, it isn't always sharp. Usually Ben is begging me to close photoshop...anyway, at approximately 8 p.m. our family sits down in our "cushy chairs" for family devotions. The kids rotate sitting in the recliner with their daddy, and I'm always forgetting who sat with me last and usually make someone upset. I try to bribe them actually, "Whoever wants to play with my hair can sit with me!" haha! I love it when the kids play with my hair...especially Drew. He puts me to sleep. Faith Ann usually grabs two hunks and pretends she's holding the reins to a horse....ouch. Anyway, 8 p.m. is family devotions.

We have read through the entire Bible one chapter at a time (that took a while - 3 years I think), we have read children's Bible story books, and devotional books. Recently we have been reading a series of books called The Terrestria Chronicles by Ed Dunlop. My brother, Jay, bought Drew two of these books for Christmas and we have really enjoyed them. They are allegorical stories about Biblical truths, similar to Pilgrim's Progress. In the story, Josiah is a young boy that is bound by the chain of iniquity and the weight of guilt. He is freed from his iniquity by King Emmanuel and adopted into His family. On and on the story goes and each night we bring out the application from the allegory. The kids are learning a lot, but even aside from the learning...the story line is exciting. After we read our chapter, we sing Bible songs. Usually sunday school songs, but we try to sings hymns from time to time so the children start learning the words. Then we quote our memory verse. We learn a new verse every two weeks in our churches. This last week in Bamenda, we had 21 people quote the memory verse, Eph. 3:20! So, we take our family devotion time to memorize it. It is really interesting that Faith Ann, my 3 1/2 year old, usually has the verse memorized second. Drew generally gets it first...he is pretty smart. It always cracks me up too, b/c Faith seems to be lost in her little imagination land during devos...I'm not sure how much she gets when we read the story, but I'm learning that even though it doesn't show...she is listening. She shocks us. She is one smart cookie.

After our verse we spend time in prayer and then it is "potties and pillows" as Ben announces. Everyone comes and kisses their Mommy...heads to the bathroom and on to bed! G'night all!
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  1. Oh, I just love your nightly routine Becca!!

  2. Sounds like fun Becca! I love the "potties and pillows"! Might have to steel that one! ;-)