Friday, February 12, 2010

What a pair

The girls were outside playing this evening and I snapped this shot of them. It's a bit blurry, but I like how it turned out. I just added a texture to it to make it look a little more vintage. Can you see my scrapbook page idea coming through. :) It is already in the works.

My kids fight, like normal kids do I presume, but I would say for the most part that they play really well together. They play hours and hours of make-believe and create lines that they tell each other to recite to make the story go the way they want it too. It is funny. Emma might be playing along, acting as a puppy dog, and Kate will tell her, "No, pretend you are a kitty and say this..." and Emma will oblige without complaint. They are hilarious to listen to. This past Saturday they were pretending that they found Drew, who was an orphan, and he couldn't speak. So, Emma and Kate were pretending to teach him to say words. It doesn't sound funny, but I was sitting right there next to them, pretending NOT to listen, and not doing a good job of it because my giggles finally exploded. It really was hilarious listening to them.

Okay, a quick summary of our day. It started out furiously b/c our landlady called and said she would be here by 9 to have a meeting in our parlour with one of the ministers in Cameroon who is buying a portion of the property that we live on. Well, my house was far from clean, as that is the last thing I want to do after the kids go to bed, so we rushed around and cleaned. The landlady came early and even she was helping! haha! So, Dr. Abetty showed up and the meeting went smoothly I guess and he paid for the property and hopefully he won't turn out to be a bad neighbor. :)

Ben left for town for outreach/evengelism/shopping, and the kids and I were here doing school. When they finished I forced them into the play room to watch a movie so I could take a nap. It didn't work too well. They kids weren't being quiet and a neighbor was building and hammering. Oh well. At least I rested. I finally got up and made pizza. Ben came home, we ate dinner. The power went out right after dinner, and we all crammed into the office and browsed through old pictures with the kids. That was a lot of fun. Then we had devotions and sent the kids to bed. We finally broke down and turned the generator on and that is how I'm updating my blog post now.

Before I close out, I have to share this link of a friend of ours,
We went to college with him and he is a traveling evangelist now and this guy is so talented. He came out with this accapella music video with him singing all the parts. It really is amazing. Ben and I have watched it a couple times tonight. You have to check it out if you get a chance.
Have a great night!
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  1. Cute picture of the girls. It is cute to watch them interact with one another. You can tell how much they love one another by the way they reacted when Faith broke her nose.

  2. I think the picture looks great with that texture over it. Becca, thanks SO much for the photo action tips! I have never even installed one before (and I use PSE 5, so it is a huge rigmarole, and lots of actions aren't for use in elements...) and I have been playing with those sites all morning! I have never been to pioneer woman either, and I can tell it is a place I will be visiting a lot! Thanks again!