Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isn't she lovely

Isn't she though? I captured this picture of Kate tonight right after our mid-week prayer meeting and I just love it. She is so beautiful. Oh, how we pray that she understands true beauty comes from within!
Our attendance tends to be low during our midweek prayer meeting. Today was youth day, so all the students marched and that might have had something to do with it. It really is quite a sight to behold actually. Ben went to Bamenda on youth day a couple years ago, and thousands of kids march down Commercial avenue. It is amazing. You wonder how so many people seem to pack into a city that size. Every divisional headquarters has a there was also a march in Bambui even closer to where we live. Because of youth day, they don't do much school during this week either. Yesterday all the kids were sent home at 10 a.m. They came up to our house to play and we had to send them home. I explained that it wasn't youth day at the Sinclair was still in full session! :)
After church the kids and I walked home. That was some good exercise for me as I carry Faith on my back the whole way. The hills are just to steep for her to climb them on her own, but the other kids do a great job. They love it! Other than the AWFUL dust, we enjoyed our hike home and even beat daddy!! We thought it would be great fun to go into the house, lock the door and hide. So we did. Ben got home and just assumed we weren't there yet b/c the door was still locked. He came inside and checked around and then went outside and walked around the house. He figured we got held up by a neighbor wanting to talk. We were all quietly hiding behind the couch and when he finally came in and settled into his office chair at the computer, we decided to sneak over there and scare him. The kids thought it was so funny that we tricked him!
Then baths, dinner, devotions and bed! G'night!
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  1. She IS lovely! What a wonderful picture! I love your photography.

  2. She is so pretty!!
    Glad you got in a good workout! :)

  3. Kate is absolutely beautiful. Remember, Becca, run to the mailbox. Good excercise.

  4. She is gorgeous inside & out!
    That's so funny about tricking Ben LOL