Saturday, February 20, 2010

First of all I have to share with you my layout for my creative team work with WM[squared] designs. Her kit was called Fat Tuesday and was basically a Mardi Gras kit. I have never been to New Orleans so had nothing to go with this kit. I really wanted to be creative though b/c shoppers need to see that a kit can be used for everyday layouts too. Then, I came up with my opera idea and took that pic of Emma and here is what I scrapped with it. I just love the look on her face. She cracks me up...and that girl has ONE head of hair! Wow. Dry season hair!So now for my second post of the day. Hope I can make it. Our internet is acting funky again. It took me about 10 refreshes to get blogger to come up. I'm thankful that it is a general thing and not just a problem with us alone. If that were the case it could take weeks to get a technician up here to fix it. With a general problem, all the customers will complain and it will get fixed much faster. :) And, I can still get online, it just takes a lot of patience sometimes.

Today was relaxing. The kids played outside for a while. Ben did some video classes for his Master's course. I scrapped and surfed the web. Diane came and washed my floors. It rained. Our tank filled up. The water wasn't on very long, but our tank overflowed, so that brought relief. Tomorrow I'll try to do a load of laundry. One thing we didn't have today was power. It was off most of the day, otherwise I would have done a load of laundry today. I didn't do too much in the way of cooking...just took a break today.

One BIG highlight for Kate today was a phone call from her friend, Miss Michelle. Michelle and Rudy Hausler go to our church in Chattanooga and they just love Kate and dote on her. And Kate loves to be doted on! When we are home she sits with them in church and Michelle takes Kate on special outings and just treats her like a queen. Kate absolutely loves it. She has been telling me off and on for the past month that Miss Michelle hasn't called her. Last week I recommended that we type her a letter, but we never did sit down and do it, since really I'm the one who has to type it. But today, that phone rang and Kate brought it to me and just sat there waiting as I answered it. She was really expecting it to be Michelle...and it was! Michelle couldn't hear us at first, so she hung up. Kate and I rushed down to my bedroom b/c I seem to have the best reception there, and she waiting on my bed, with the phone in her hand until Michelle called back. That totally made her night. Well, her day, week, month in fact! Kate had the hardest time of all the kids coming back to Cameroon. She is such a people person...and just really missed her friends in America. I imagine every trek back and forth will be hard on her. It took her a bit longer than the others, but she adjusted back eventually. Here she is on the phone:

Well, it is time for devos. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. LOVE the opera pics of Emma! I can just hear her singing! (maybe that's my Ella in the background- her life is a musical- opera style too! love it!).
    Kate is so pretty and so grown up! that's sweet that someone takes a special interest in her. I'm sure that makes you happy.

  2. Very creative page Becca! I love the pictures of Emma! And so glad Kate got a special phone call! Hope that rain keeps falling!

  3. Love the pictures of the girls. Cute page of Emma and I am so glad that Kate got a chance to talk to Michelle. I am sure it made her day.