Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Huckle, Buckle, Beanstalk

While making lunch today, I heard Ben call all the kids to the parlour to play Huckle, Buckle, Beanstalk. It is an old game where one person hides an object and the rest of the players have to find it. Whoever finds it first shouts huckle, buckle, beanstalk. (Wiki it to find out it's origin). I didn't know what in the world they were searching for...but soon found out as Ben pointed to the curtain across the room. There was perched the Mama praying mantis to yesterday's baby. I promise I won't constantly write about praying mantis', but we had fun with this one today. Here is a shot of Drew holding it (we learned today that they aren't agressive when being least not this one.)Ben played around trying to get a bunch of macros of the thing and it was being very cooperative. At one point It climbed right on top of the camera lense while he was taking a close up. Right before we let it go, it became bff's with Drew and wouldn't let go of his finger. We had to pry the thing off with a pen.

So, that was our excitement for the day. Everything else was the norm. School work, naps, dishes, etc...nothing too terribly exciting. I found that after our exciting day of Faith's broken nose...I prefer the norm!
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  1. Those things look really neat actually! Glad you had an uneventful day! I like those kind of days too! :)

  2. Cool picture. I still wouldn't want one crawling on me. Uneventful days are kind of nice.

  3. Great shot Becca! I didn't realize you had a Sony Alpha too until I read your comment on Tanya's blog - me three!! I'm more in your boat though - dont' really know all that it can do yet (or at least HOW to do it all)!!