Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Important Reminder

The kids wanted to paint today. I usually say no b/c paint is messy and I detest clean up :) (who doesn't, right?) But, today I figured it would be something different and I gave the ok. We had trouble finding paint brushes and Kate and Drew ended up using these fat ones, but they didn't seem to care. They had a blast painting for about an hour. Drew brings me his creation and told me that he painted a picture for Autumn (his bff!) and asked if I wanted to know what it was. Of course I did! Well, it was a picture of he and Autumn climbing rainbow mountain. And at rainbow mountain you could make a wish and it would come true. He made a wish that he didn't have to wear glasses ever again. "See, Mom...here are my glasses at the bottom of the mountain."(see black shape resembling glasses in pic...it is obscure b/c remember the brush size??)
"I wished that I wouldn't have to wear glasses and that I'd be able to see."
Oh man...made me want to cry!! But honestly, he said it so cheerfully, with such a happy smile. I just smiled back, but inside wanting to burst into tears. He never complains about his vision. Never! We always tell him how GOOD God is...the doctors told us he would be blind!!! Now he can see and read all of his school material on his own. Yes, his vision is awful. But he gets by just fine and quite frankly, I'm just thankful he is here and so full of life! The doctors also told us that he wouldn't live to see two months of life...and yet, here he is and in perfect health aside from some vision problems. Thank God! How grateful I am today for Andrew and answered prayer. I'm sure some of you reading my blog don't know the full story about our son, so you can head over to www.cameroon4christ.com and read Drew's story. He is a miracle and too often I forget what God did for our family. Today I just needed that reminder.
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  1. Wow. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy hormones or he is just so sweet but that brought me to tears! What a wonderful spirit he has, Praise the Lord :)

  2. Way to make your Mimi cry Drew. I am so thankful for you and your sweet spirit. How exciting that someday he will have great vision. Praise the Lord.

  3. That brought tears to my eyes too! He is so sweet! I'm so glad God chose for him to live!

  4. Now my morning is off to a start with a good cry. Thank you :) Truly what a reminder of God's incredible goodness.

  5. Wow Becca, isn't is amazing how kids can put things into perspective for you sometimes?

  6. Ok, so I had to admit that reading this made me tear up a bit too like the rest of the ladies commenting on this blog . . . the only problem is I am your brother and I am not supposed to admit things like this.

    I still remember that day at women's east as the doctor ran out of the room and later we watched as the ambulance left with Drew to go to Erlanger. It is amazing how some things like that are like slow motion events in your mind with every detail preserved. I also remember visiting him in the ICU and watching you pull his charts daily to check levels (you got the fast track to nursing school). I still remember the picture of you holding him in Atlanta with all the tubes hooked up and you were beaming from ear to ear because that was the first time you were able to hold him. Then . . . I remember the miraculous turn around. I remember him coming home, I remember the feeding tube you had to insert every day, I remember his big thick glasses even as a baby. Praise God for Drew! What a little miracle he was, and what an even bigger miracle he is now. God truly has been good to our family.

    Incidently I do remember another milestone or two as well such as the time I was playing with him and holding him up in the air and he PUKED all over my head. Those were good times too.