Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ordinary Day

I totally forgot to take a picture today. Oops! I'm so glad Ben took his camera into town and snapped this shot of the back streets of Bamenda in the middle of a rain storm! He said it downpoured for over an hour. We didn't see that kind of rain in Bambili unfortunately. But it did get cloudy and sprinkle. And it was for that I'm thankful! Everyone seems to be in a quandry about this rain. It is over a month early for it to actually be rainy season. They keep saying that it will dry up again and then we won't see rain until May! I hope that isn't the case!!

The kids did well on their school. Drew is struggling with Math and we are starting to get aggressive with his times tables. He recently took a test on division and it was clear that he didn't understand. He and Kate are so different. When it comes to math...Kate seems to have no trouble at all. But her spelling test is another story! And Drew...he can take his spelling pre-test (they take it at the beginning of the week before even seeing the list) and get a 100 percent the first time! Go figure. He loves language! It is amazing at how different my kids are! So precious and unique!

It is really late, so I am going to close this out. I'm hoping I can get to sleep. We have a pentacostal church across the valley from us that holds their Wed. services by loudspeaker! is like having someone preach in our front yard. Any other time wouldn't be quite as bad...but it is after midnight and they are still going strong. Last week, they were still having a party at 5:30 a.m.!!! I was exhausted that day! And poor Yeiters! Their house is right next to that church. I can't even imagine! They brace themselves f0r getting no sleep on Wed. nights. I can't imagine why the village people don't complain ( that just sounded funny! Village People??)...but the church is still going strong week after week. Hopefully the entire of villages of Bambili and Bambui will complain enough that they have to either cut their services shorter...or shut down the loudspeaker at say...even 11 pm would make me happy. We will see....

I hope you all had a great day!
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  1. I'm glad I found out about your blog. I enjoy reading it and getting updates on how you all are doing. I do hope you get more rain soon.

  2. I think God was listening to all your prayers for rain! :) I'm so glad for your relief and I hope it stays!
    My kids are so different too! It's funny isn't it, that they could be from the same two people and be so different! Hope you get some sleep!

  3. Well, that turned out to be a great picture anyway!