Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pastor Hawks

The kids did great in school today finishing in record time. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing so well together. They actually went chameleon hunting. Ever since we went up to Needham's house, Drew has been talking non-stop about getting a chameleon. I told him that they are around, just hard to find b/c they blend in. Our neighbors have brought them to us before. The people here won't touch them. They think they are poisonous. They think really large moths are poisonous too. It is kind of funny. They look at us wide eyed as we let the chameleon critters crawl all over us.
Ben came back from his Thursday visitation pretty excited today. He was able to lead a lady to Christ. He was actually able to lead one of her employees to Christ on Tuesday and went to follow up with him, and he introduced Ben to his boss, Margaret, and then she trusted Christ. The wonderful thing was they were all in church tonight! That is the hard part. Getting the people to confess Christ can sometimes be easy, but getting them to actually follow Christ is a whole different story. They are so steeped in their traditionalism and are very superstitious.

My photo of the day should have been of my kids chameleon hunting, but I was on the "phone" with my Mom. Ben was outside with his camera though and snagged this series of shots. The Cameroonians call these birds hawks and some call them preacher birds b/c of the white around their neck...we would call them crows.
Well, I'm glad to see that they are keeping the mouse population to a minimum around our house. :)
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