Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of January!!

We had a great day in only complaint is the weather. My goodness...I don't remember a dry season being this hot!! I dont think I'd survive in other parts of Cameroon...we are in the cooler part of the country. I guess I have just been spoiled. Well, there is no doubt about one thing...we are counting down the days until the rainy season. It isn't just me either...even the Cameroonians are ready for rain!
I sat by this adorable, sweet baby, Beverly, in church. She is the happiest little thing. I enjoyed every minute of just watching her smile and coo. I finally asked Margarite if I could hold her and so I held her for about 20 minutes. I wasn't sure how she would do being passed off, but it didn't phase her. She was just as happy in my arms. She never cried one time during our long church service. What a little angel!!
We came home from church and I made french bread pizza. Later on in the evening we attempted making slushies in my new blender. We took kool-aid, and ice and frozen banana. It turned out really yummy! The kids loved it. Here is Faith Ann drinking her slushie/smoothie. Her nose is looking better. She still has dark rings under and above her eyes, but I'm sure this week they will dissipate even more. She's been a little trouper through all of this.
I hope your day went great as well!

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  2. She is looking better and I think she is really enjoying her smoothie. Does she have that dress on that I got her? I would love to see a full picture of her with the dress.