Thursday, January 28, 2010

Colorful Faith

This post will be short and sweet as it is late.
Faith Ann is doing great today, albeit colorful :) She now has lovely shades of yellow in her face. She is still pretty stuffy, but doesn't complain of any pain, and her nose has stopped bleeding completely which is a blessing.
Tonight at church one of our members, Emmanuel, came in and started pointing at her and laughing. He thought she'd colored all over her face. Ben quickly explained that she broke her nose. Emmanuel felt awful and kept saying "ashya." Ashya is a common word here that is kind of hard to explain, but it implies feelings of sympathy. I might pass someone working and say, "Ashya fo work." Or if I see someone in pain like tonight the same thing. Faith is proud of her new colors and thinks she looks beautiful. We only encourage her and constantly tell her how beautiful she really is! She will cringe at these pictures when she is a teenager and wonder why we didn't keep her hidden away in the house!
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  1. She is definetely more colorful today but seems to be very content. This all could have been a lot worse. She has not been in pain except for the initial impact. Praise the Lord!!!

  2. I was catching up on your posts about your daughter's now, what a brave little girl! She has been smiling through all of it! The pictures of her injury just make my eyes water and my stomach ache, I know I will need to toughen up in time for my toddler boy to start getting into dangerous scrapes too!