Thursday, January 7, 2010

One of our African Americans

Here is my funny picture from day 7 of p365.

This is my crazy, Kate, setting the breakfast table African style (notice the tupperware - I'm addicted to that stuff!). Everyone who has seen pictures of Africa, has seen the people carrying things on their heads. It amazes me sometimes how much weight those skulls can handle. They are so adept at it too. Of course they have been doing it since they were born.

Anyway, Ben gave Kate the bowls to set on the table and as he turned around he saw her walking into the parlour with them on her head. He whipped out his camera as fast as he could (knowing that the wife needed something to post on her blog for that night) and got a picture of her walking away with them on her head. He then had her pose for the above shot. So funny...I'm sure we will find our kids doing things like this more and more. The Cameroonians tell us that white people can't carry stuff on their heads b/c our hair is too slippery. Well...Kate sure showed them!

On a side note...we found out why we don't have water still. The daughter of some "big man" (that is how they say important man here) was getting married today, so they asked that all the water be directed to their house. I certainly can't blame a bride for wanting something as simple as water on her wedding day, now can I?

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