Thursday, January 21, 2010

Football Season

Oh yes...the African cup of nations is in progress. I'm not a football (soccer) fan really, but I do enjoy it when Cameroon is playing.
We live in a college town. Hundreds of students pack into these rooms, sometimes 3 people sharing a full size bed. No indoor plumbing for most...just a bed, a hanging space, and a desk of some sort. On a night like tonight, when Cameroon is playing, you see tons of students hanging around the nearest TV, cheering on their country. Usually we are sitting in our parlour and suddenly the whole village, all around us, will erupt in screams, chants, applause. I love it! We don't even need to watch the game to know how Cameroon is faring. If the other team scores, we hear boo's and yells. It is great! We heard some cheering tonight...Cameroon actually tied with Tunisia, but b/c of their point system, they both head into the next level in the cup of nations. Our nightwatchman recently brought a tv to the house so he can watch the games as he is an avid football fan. Ben snapped a picture of him watching his team play. We'll keep cheering them on as well...along with our village, hopefully to the winner's seat!
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  1. How fun to hear everyone cheering like that! I love the photo of him watching his team - so fun!