Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6

This is the scene that greets us often in the dry season here in water flowing from the faucet. I figured I'd document it for my Jan. 6 post. It was going to be documented at some point, and honestly, I could document the event a lot, but I figured I would just get it done and over with at the very beginning of p365. I am certainly not complaining. Please don't think that I am. We deal with this on a fairly regular basis in the dry season, but we are so blessed because, unlike many missionaries in Africa, we have good, clean water running into our home most of the time. Our water is a clean, spring-fed source that might not even need to be filtered. Our kids end up drinking enough in the bathtub for me to know that it is safe. We also use it to brush our teeth on a daily basis. A visiting dentist once told us that our water was probably the reason our teeth are so strong. During the rainy season we have an abundance of this water. So much so that before we bought a pressure regulator for our property, the walls would groan with the pressure! During the dry season however, it ends up being a bit more sparse. We had a tank restored that is our water reserve and only one time in 5 years of serving in Cameroon have we fully drained it...that took 3 days. So, while my property may not be getting water, I have that blessed reserve tank! Ben's rule is that if we go without water for 24 hours he will call the water project manager to check the line and make sure our line doesn't have any leaks. From the time of this post, we have been without water for about 14 hours. Hopefully it will come in tonight so I can at least get a shower. :)
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