Monday, January 11, 2010

A little friend

Well, our day was a lot of fun...with moments of frustration, but when is that not a part of raising 4 kids! We ate lunch at a new restaurant, spent the afternoon relaxing. I even got a nap in. And then I spent the evening making brownies with Kate while Ben played games with the other kids.

We also had a visitor. We have had a lizard making it's presence in our parlour for the past couple of days. The kids have tried to catch it, but weren't very successful...until tonight!
Here is a close up
After getting brave enough to actually try and handle the thing, Drew came running into the office with the lizard's twitching tail in his hands. Ewwww!
These guys are pretty common in our homes, and I welcome them as they eat all the other bugs in my house that I don't want to see hanging around. They usually run when they are spotted, although I did have one fall on my head when I opened a kitchen cabinet door once. I didn't appreciate that!

Our family devotion time was especially fun. We all went around choosing songs to sing and Emma was announcing that she wants to be an opera singer when she grows up. We had her sing her song (her choice was Jesus loves me) opera style. I even got it on video, and if I can ever figure out how to post it, I will. It is a little shaky as I was laughing so hard.
You will also notice that my blog is finally looking normal! Thanks so much to a friend I met on scrapmatters, Chelle, who helped me out with that!!
See you tomorrow!
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