Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 100 club

We have officially completed 100 days of school. I had intended to do our little 100 days of school celebration on Friday, the 100th day of school, but I felt so crummy, I decided to hold off. Today Drew was sick and I was feeling pretty bad myself, so we stayed home from church. After the girls got back from church in Bambili, Ben headed to church in Bamenda by himself. For those that don't know, we have two church planting efforts in progress right now, so that makes for a busy Sunday. Anyway, I told the kids that after lunch I had a craft for them. I figured it would give them something to look forward to. They couldn't wait. I had already printed out our "100's" on card stock Friday afternoon. I then dug out the glue, glitter, pom-pom's, chenille wire and puff paints. The kids were beyond excited. So for an hour they glittered and glued and had a blast decorating their 100 headbands. We will be wearing these during school tomorrow to celebrate our accomplishment. If nothing else interrupts our schedule, we should be completley finished mid April. I can't wait for summer break!!

I also have to mention that Ben shared with me that our church in Bambili had a special guest visitor today...yep...Elvis Presley. Isn't that amazing? He really is still alive! (but he has a serious tan! LOL )
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