Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Chef in the House

Wow, I have been suffering from a headache today, so there isn't much creativity flowing through this pounding head of mine...I'll make my post short and sweet so I can go take some ibuprofen, lay in bed and watch tv and then fall asleep.

Anyone who knows my husband, knows he is no cook. His claim to fame is that he even set the smoke alarm off when making PB&J sandwhiches for the kids! (don't ask...) Anyway, he wanted banana bread for breakfast, and he didn't even ask me to make it...I was so happy! He got out the recipe, and went to work himself, following it to the letter. I was so proud of him when I finally took this amazing work of art out of the oven...
I'm so glad he is expanding his horizons in the arena of cooking...now he can't claim ignorance when I need some help in the kitchen! He finally understands the meaning of "tsp."
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  1. Hey that looks better than mine. What's up with that? Great job Ben. You have opened up a new calling for yourself now.

  2. Do you realize how hard it is to not ask about how he set of the smoke alarm while making PB&J?! lol At least he did an awesome job with his breakfast - and didn't set off the smoke alarm!