Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8: Royal treatment & Surprises

The girls have been begging me for a bath the last few days. Normally I would oblige, but when the water is out I only give baths when absolutely needed so we don't deplete the stored water supply. But, on day 3 the bath becomes a necessity...especially since we are in an African dry season. So, tonight I promised the girls a bath and also promised that I would paint their toes "like Mommy's" afterward. This is Emma in the picture getting the royal treatment. They love nail polish...what girl doesn't?
I gave the girls a bath and got them ready for bed and came into the kitchen to find this wonderful surprise...actually two wonderful surprises:

First and most important surprise: that Ben was doing my dishes. Second surprise: our water had come in. Oh the blessings!! I actually got to take a shower tonight. Somehow I feel so much cleaner after taking a regular shower as opposed to dumping cups of water over my head. And thank you to my honey for cleaning my kitchen!!

I look forward to sharing another picture tomorrow!

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