Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sinclair Court of Appeals

Recently we've really been working with our kids regarding back-talk. It seems that everything we say they have to immediately come back with, "But Mom....." So, Ben told the kids that if they felt they needed to say something, they first needed to say, "Yes, Maam" or "Yes, Sir" and then say, "May I make an appeal please?" I mean, let's be honest, sometimes we don't know the whole story and our kids should have an outlet to express that. So, this was our solution for them to being able to do that, but with respect. Anyway, the kids have been doing pretty good about remembering with the exception of Faith Ann. She doesn't quite get the whole concept. She will walk right up to us and say, "May I make an appeal please?" and we will say, "Yes" and then she will walk away. Clearly she doesn't understand.

Tonight she asked me to open a banana for her. I was in the middle of making cookies and my hands were a mess, so I told her to take it to her daddy. She walked into the office and said, "Daddy, may I make an appeal please?" haha!! Wow, we had a good, long laugh after that!
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  1. lol! What a cute story! I love the idea you guys are trying - might have to try that with my 8 year old. She loves to argue - everything! I love that photo - it's SO cute!