Friday, January 22, 2010

My Little Helper

Today was relaxing. It isn't that I don't have a ton to do, b/c I do! I have loads of laundry to put away, but I just needed to chill today...and chill I did. I spent most of my morning on the computer checking out all the new products in digi-land, and uploading my layouts for the designer I work for. Then as soon as I finished talking to my Mom, the power went out. We didn't really get to say an official goodbye, but she had to leave for work, and I wasn't going to hook up the generator just to say bye. I waited a bit to see if the power would come back on, but it didn't, so I went to my room and read several chapters in Sophie's Heart. The kids played so quietly with each other. Emma and Kate played Memory, while Drew played a computer game. I finally gave in and turned the generator on at about 4 so I could make some pizza dough. I really didn't want to do the pile of dishes that had accumulated either, so I decided to enlist a helper.Emma has never washed the dishes before. I usually give that job to Kate b/c she is really good at it...even for a 7 year old. But Emma has been wanting to try so I thought I'd give her a shot. She is a very meticulous person, so I figured she'd do a good job. I was in there working on the pizzas and checking her work, and didn't catch one dirty dish. So, it looks like I have a new dishwasher. Yay for me. For now the kids are excited about doing dishes. I better utilize that as long as possible, b/c pretty soon I'll hear moans and groans when I ask for some assistance in the kitchen!
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  1. What a cutie. Tell Emma that she can help Mimi when she comes home. It is nice having 3 girls especially with the amount of dishes you have over there.