Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little girl blue

You have to know that I'm going to document the healing process of our little three year old sweetheart, Faith Ann. I cringe every time I look at her. It looks SO painful, but she doesn't complain of any pain at all. I worry about what it will really look like when the swelling goes down. I seem to be having a harder time than she is! lol...she is in such good spirits! The only thing she complains about is being annoyed by a constant bloody nose, but we've read this can happen. She spends a lot of time with tissues stuck up her nostrils. :) She is actually really happy about her new color too. She thinks it is pretty. Ben and I keep calling her our little avatar...doesn't her face kind of look like the characters in that new blockbuster movie? Not only the lovely blue color, but the shape of the nose and eyes? Poor thing!
If she wasn't so constantly happy and silly I'd be going crazy, but she is handling this great. I took a nap with her today and loved every minute of it. She fell asleep with her little arm around my neck. I love that girl!
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  1. Oh My Goodness! Poor Faith Ann. That looks very painful :( Is it broken??

  2. Oh my goodness Becca, your poor baby! I knew it was going to be bad but wow, that's terrible! I'm glad to hear that she's in good spirits though - it's always harder on us as parents, huh?

  3. Mimi's baby. I wish I was there to kiss her. I showed her picture to Kent tonight and he said her would pray for her boo boo.

  4. oh wow! such a difference from yesterdays photo! poor thing.