Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soldiers at Sunset

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a digital scrapbooker. I spend a lot of my "digi time" on It is a digital store that sells kits for people like me. They have these challenges that I also participate in as well. You are given guidelines for creating a layout. If you create the layout and post it in their forum you get a point. You gain 60 points and you get a $5.50 gift certificate to the store! How can you beat that?!? Anyway, this month, one of the challenges focuses on photography and the theme was scrapping a silhouette. So, tonight I sent Ben out to capture a silhouette of the kids. He did get some great shots as it got darker, but I just loved this one of the kids while it was still pretty light outside. You can tell that Ben told them to stand like soldiers - ha! They were being such stinkers though and wouldn't stand still.

Not only did I successfully complete my first week of Project 365, I also successfully scrapped it. Ben's response to that was, "So you are going to have 52 scrapbook pages at the end of the year...and you are going to print them??" lol! Uhhh, Yeah!(click the image to enlarge)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday in the Lord's house tomorrow!! I'll be back with another picture!

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  1. Love the scrap page. Don't think I have the time or tallent for that so I will be staying exclusively with the photos. Hope you guys had a great day at church.