Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

Here is my picture for the day. I actually wasn't quite sure what to post...so many great pics to choose from. But, in the end I chose my silly pic of Faith. She helped me take down the Christmas tree today...I know, I know, some of you are thinking, "You are just now taking down your tree?!?" Well, it has been a bit busy around here. (not a good excuse really - to be perfectly honest I was just plain lazy!) Anyway, enough confession. I started taking down the tree and Faith wanted to help, so we had a fun photo shoot out of it. I told her to give me a frowny face...show everyone how sad she was that Christmas was over and our tree was coming down. We shared a lot of giggles over that half hour that we worked on that tree. Every time she'd attempt a frowny face it came out all wrong and then she'd laugh and I'd laugh. We really had a good time of it! This pic was the best frown she could come up with. I'll have to create a scrapbook page to document the rest of the pictures. They were too funny.

I was also happy to find that my Project 365 inspired my brother, Jay, and he has also started a blog documenting his own version of P365 (or P361 since he started a bit late.) Be sure to check it out here. He is an amazing photographer so you will definitely enjoy following his year in pictures!

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