Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365

Project 365??
I first heard about project 365 last year in the digi-scrapping community and thought it looked very interesting. Of course, by the time I'd heard about it, it was too late to start for that year, but it has been in the back of my mind ever since. So...I made the decision to take the 365 challenge in 2010. What is project 365? Well, my interpretation is to take one picture a day (or more if you want) and document day-to-day life. I think what I'll take away from it, is to appreciate the mundane things in life. We so often take the little things for granted, and my hope is that I'll come to see even the small things as blessings from God. Things that I normally would overlook. So, I hope you will join me on my 365 journey...and maybe even start your own!

Jan. 1...Pizza night! Need I say more?? What an awesome way to celebrate the New year! That loaded pizza was the bomb too! Sausage, pepperoni, black olives, green olives, green peppers, onions, tomatoes. Mmmmmm Good! All from scratch!

Jan. 2 was definitely an adventure filled day. The kids went out directly after breakfast to play with the neighbor kids. Around 2 p.m. the girls came screaming and crying that our house was going to burn down!! The bush fire surrounding our house was scary as you can see from the picture, but the neighbors rushed over immediately to help control it. They actually controlled it a little too well...they put it out! Basically that means that we have to endure another fire since all of our grass didn't burn. These fires keep the mice and snakes at bay, but they are frightening when they take place. We will probably pay some boys to clear away some more grass so that there is less to burn the next time a fire is lit.

Well...I'll add Jan. 3rd and 4th pics tomorrow to catch up!

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