Saturday, January 23, 2010

Down and Out

Drew is such a good kid. He rarely gives me any fits...he eats every meal without complaint, he doesn't get into trouble, he is quick to obey. Just a good kid. We are so blessed. I came home from visiting with a neighbor to this scene:

I knew it wasn't good. While Drew is a good kid, one thing he is, is full of energy. He is constantly going until he crashes at night. Naps are long gone for him, so to see him asleep in the chair at 4 o'clock, I knew something was wrong. Well, the thermometer confirmed it...101.4

Drew almost died at birth, and I guess I always figured he'd be our sickly child. It is quite the opposite though. He is so hearty and rarely gets whatever is floating around the house. I'm so thankful for that. Unfortunately whatever bug is floating around right now just bit him.

There are a couple things to point out about this picture...first, I love the fact that spiderman is his pillow. My Mom got that out of one of those crane machines at her work. Spidey has been by his side for a few years now. And the second thing to note are the bottoms of his feet. Can you see the dirt??? That is what I deal with all the time here. I will tell you, that when we first moved here, it was VERY hard for me to get used to my kids being dirty all the time. You should see the bath water Sunday after church! I don't bother bathing my kids before church, b/c I know what they will look like afterwards! The amount of dirt is unreal. But, after living here for over 5 years, I can honestly say that I'm used to it. It just isn't a big deal anymore. A little dirt never hurt! I know that now! :)

Well, hopefully Drew will be on the mend tomorrow and this bug will stop at him. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks Becca for all the updates of your family! You are doing a great job, and we here in Washington feel like we can get a taste for where you live and what you are doing! We will pray Drew feels better soon!

  2. Man, I hate to see Drew like this. Wish I was there to pamper him a little. Not that you don't Mom but Mimi's love to pamper their grandbabies. Hope you feel better Drew.