Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speed Scrapper

Whoever read my post yesterday, read that Susan and I held our own speed scrap last night. here is my layout from our hour locked in the computer room.
I was totally happy with how it turned out. I tweaked a few things today before clicking the final save as/jpg though.
Anyway, I get up this morning and one of my morning routines is to jump online and check all of my fave websites. I check my blog to see if anyone posted comments (I really like reading feel free to post them!!), I check facebook, and I check I noticed a thread in the forum entitled spring cleaning. I checked it out and found that they were deleting a bunch of old threads and stuff. Well, the admin that had been working on it were having fun creating titles for all the forum members. How it works is you start out with a title of "I'm new here." Once you post, say 50 times, your title will change to "liking it here a lot." You go up from there to "I'm addicted to this place." etc... I might not be exact, but they are something like that. Well, this is what mine said this morning:
Oh my perfect is that? I was cracking up. I was did they know I held a speed scrap with Susan and we totally ignored our families for an hour?!? (ok...not ignored...we did ask our husbands in advance) Well, they didn't know obviously, but I thought it was so ironic how that ended up being my description. I haven't seen anyone else with that title. I don't know if they just randomly picked people to have fun with or what...but they couldn't have put a more perfect title under my name!

I can't believe I just made a post without pics of my kids! Well, Faith Ann's nose, thankfully, looks the same as yesterday. The kids had a fun day playing outside and inside. Our bike was stolen once again, but somehow found by a man in our church who drives a motorcycle taxi (the 10 year old that stole it was headed to the next village to sell it). It is amazing how that bike makes it's way back to our house each time. All in all it was a great day! I hope you all have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!
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  1. I saw that and thought it was so funny!

    And I think your bike needs it's own blog. It can tell of it's adventures. :)

  2. First off, fabulous page - but then again I always LOVE your pages! Second, I love the new title - too funny! I agree with Judy - that bike does need it's own blog!

  3. Yep, your new title cracks me up Becca! I'll jump on the bandwagon too - either give the bike it's own blog or do a book abou the "adventures of our bike." I'm sure either one would be fabulous reads :)