Monday, January 25, 2010

A Rough Day

Definitely a rough day for Faith Ann at the Sinclair house. The day started out great. Drew is feeling better, the kids got their school done in record time and we headed off to our new restaurant for burgers at around 11:30. We enjoyed watching a bush fire burn right next door while waiting for our food, and also caught up on the news while CNN was playing...actually today it was a foreign news station...and I must interject that America practices a lot of media censorship compared to other countries. Wow...the graphic things we saw on the news! A be-headed man?? Was that really necessary?? Anyway, enough of my rant. Our meal was done and we were waiting for our bill. Faith Ann was sitting in this hand carved African chair that folds up. My brother-in-law would know exactly what kind as he purchased one on his visit here. Well, when little kids scoot to the edge of those things to get off, they fold right up. These chairs are made out of ebony or mahogany too...a very heavy wood! The back of that chair smacked her head down and right into a mahogany coffee table. Of course she screamed instantly. Blood was pouring from her nose and we shoved napkins in her face to mop it up. We pulled them away to have a peak and I knew it was not just a bump...her nose was twice it's size immediately. All the kids are crying now...Faith's siblings are hurting for her...we all are really. I absolutely hate seeing my kids in pain. I would so much rather it be me.
We debated going to the doctor here, but I can't even explain what a procedure that is and we are always concerned about the quality of care. Life is just different here. We consulted a missionary doctor, Carol Loescher, and she said that it was fine to wait. We could see more of what was going on once the swelling went down. We decided to wait. She looks pretty rough. Her nose is even more swollen now than in the above picture, and a bit more blue/purple, but she is in better spirits which makes me feel better.
While just a simple injury really, it brought back the reality of God's protection on our lives. We are so blessed to have a family full of beautiful, happy, healthy children that God has given us to raise for His honor and glory. I told the kids that a broken nose was such a small thing compared to what other families go through. We are thankful today for our health and all the blessings that often go unnoticed on a daily basis!
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  1. oh poor thing! i hope everything ends up being ok. despite the swollen nose, she looks totally cute in that picture! lol

  2. Wow! I leave for a few days and cannot believe what I've missed. The poor thing. Unfortunately, I've already got a peak at what is coming.