Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sermon Notes

Well...not really, although when told to, Drew can take pretty good sermon notes. Tonight I gave the kids a notebook to occupy them during our Thursday church meeting. I thought a snapshot of our prayer meeting would be nice, since this is our weekly routine. Church is at 4:30, so I get the girls up from their naps a bit early and we head on down to Bible Baptist Church in Bambili. By the time our music leader gets there and everyone slowly trickles in, the service actually starts at about 5 p.m...."black man time" as they call it. People are rarely on time here.

Jude usually leads the singing and then Matt Yeiter preaches the midweek service. After the message we take "prayer topics" and then pray as a church family. I usually take the kids out to pray, but we have construction going on and our Sunday School room is a bit dusty right now, so for tonight we stayed put. After church I had the wonderful privilege of sharing the gospel with Ophelia, who bowed her head and trusted in Christ as her Saviour. PTL!!
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  1. The lighting in this photo is just beautiful! I feels like such a precious moment captured. It is so artistic looking...such a keeper!