Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3 & 4

Well, today I play catch up and then from here on out my goal is one post a day. We will see how that goes of course. I am not going to stress about this new project of mine...I will just do my best and if I skip a day or so for whatever reason, so be it.
So, here is our pic from Jan. 3rd.

This is my Sunday school class taking the church bus home (he-he!) By the way, this is not a posed picture...they actually drove home like this!

Here are a couple pics from today, Jan. 4th - I couldn't choose just one.

(He looks so serious!)

Drew had his bi-monthly eye checkup. Every other month on a Monday, Drew leaves at 7 a.m. with his Daddy and accompanies Ben while he teaches two moral instruction classes. Then they head to the eye clinic. For a fee of 6,000 cfa (12 dollars) they will expedite you to the front of the line. Without that fee they would be there until dark! So, today they got right in and we thank and praise God that Drew's pressure remains normal and that he was able to read another line on the eye chart that he'd never read before!!

I'll be back tomorrow with another pic. It is kind of fun to decide on what pictures to take and what to highlight from each day. It really makes me conscious of each moment and definitely thankful for the blessings of our every day routine.

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  1. This picture makes smile and think about all the taxis in Cameroon.