Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Cup Highlights

I didn't watch the world cup. Well, I think I caught about 2 minutes of one of the games when our nightwatchman was watching it one night, but I'm not a big sports fanatic. I do always enjoy hearing the entire village cheering or booing when something happens. I can almost always tell what is happening in the game by the sounds I hear coming from below our hill. It is great! But the biggest highlight of the world cup for me, was this awesome billboard.
Isn't it great? Cameroon's team is the Lions obviously. I just love how cultural this billboard is. That lady, all smiles, fully dressed in her African clothes, donning her football cleats. I just love it!
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  1. Their billboards are so funny over there. I like the Mimi's Saloon one that we saw. One would think it was a bar but it was a hair salon. Too funny.