Friday, July 30, 2010


That would be Faith Ann's hair...and yes, also her gum. I am not sure how it happened, I just know that she came into the parlour crying. It definitely could have been worse! I tell the kids all the time to keep their gum in their mouth, but she claims that it just fell out - which happens all the time believe it or not. I finally made a rule that if your gum or candy falls out of your mouth...too bad, so sad. I have no idea how stuff falls out of their mouth all the time! I did see it happen the other day though. Faith was showing Emma the color candy she had...and it fell right onto the floor. So, that must be one way they end up losing it. Somtimes it pops right out when they are attempting to blow a bubble too. Oh well...thankfully she didn't lose too much hair. Of course she was more sad about losing her piece of gum than those pieces of her hair!
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  1. Well that probably isn't the first hair trimming you had to do and it probably won't be the last either. Funny how things just fall out isn't it. "We just have no idea how it happened mom". Sound familiar?

  2. I have a confession to make... my kids are not allowed to have gum! I am a bad Mom I know!! Michael said the other day that Zach needs to learn how to chew gum so if he gets it at school he will know what to do with it! How sad is that! I guess I've just never wanted to deal with the mess of it! And it might have something to do with my CPR instructor one time telling my that I wouldn't believe how many kids choke on gum. I know I need to get over my fears! :) They will be in therapy one day complaining that "Mom never let us have gum!" LOL