Monday, July 19, 2010

Mechum Falls

Isn't this waterfall amazing? Ben headed to Befong this morning to pick up some men from Benakuma and take them to Camp Joy as this is men's week. Since we are in rainy season now, this waterfall is a sight to behold!

I spent the day watching Faith Ann and Trinity, while Matt and Susan took the rest of our kids to Bamenda for Holiday Bible School (vacation bible school). Susan came up to me on Sunday and asked if we could make that trade and I am so glad she did. My kids were pumped to be able to go, and it also meant that Trinity would get a nap instead of being in town all day. There are a couple ladies from Matt and Susan's home church in Indianapolis that came to help run the HBS's so that worked out well too. And of course Ben was gone most of the day running the bus from Befong to Bamessing. So, our family was gone in all directions today, but it was a great day, and we all came together at dinner to share our fun experiences. I think I got the better end of the deal really. I stayed home, with two quiet little girls who played together like little angels and took a nap all afternoon! haha!

I also wanted to add a picture of little Anneline. Ben finally found one while he was going through his pictures on his camera. Somehow he overlooked it before.
This is a picture of her and her big brother Luis. He was so pumped about having a baby sister too...I remember when he announced to me that she'd been born. Pray for this little guy, too, as he deals with her loss.
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  1. What an absolutely beautiful waterfall. Such beauty in Cameroon. Can't wait to come back. It won't be long now. Praying for this little guy and the family.

  2. Wow, that waterful is stunning Becca!

    And that picture of Anneline and her big brother is so precious. I can't begin to imagine how difficult her loss must be for their family.