Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holiday Bible School

We normally call it Vacation Bible School in the states, but because of the Brittish influence a holiday is a vacation here.

Ben took the kids into town with him and I was home with Faith today while they went. Because it is Wed. he kept them with him all day. He got some good visits in while they kids were busy in Bible School. He did get a picture of Drew playing the review game, Zonk, at the end. Poor kid picked a zonk on his first try. Ben was telling me he felt bad for him. spite of that...his team won all three days and came out the final winner for the week! He was so pumped about that, and all the kids came home raving about the week and showing off the fun prizes they got for being there.
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  1. Poor kid. That is always so disappointing when you get the zonk. You feel like you let your team down. But he has to remember that the reason he got to play the zonk game was because he answered a question right.